The Standard Hotel - Los Angeles

Photo: Kenneth Johansson (2002)


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We represent OFFECCT, a modern, Swedish furniture manufacturer, in the American architectural and design community. A large portion of our business is selling acoustic sound panels that are not only attractive, but also very efficient for absorbing sound in a variety of environments. Over the years we have worked with top architectural firms like Gensler, AECOM, Eric Owen Moss, Marmol & Radziner and many others. Recent clients include Adobe, HULU, YouTube, MTV, simplehuman, Westfield mall chain, Google, Microsoft and Intuit, who all installed sound panels at their headquarters. Hotels such as The Standard Hotel, who ordered 390 SWELL panels for their dining room and Hyatt Regency, along with smaller jobs like home studios, even a private bowling alley in Bel Air, represent other projects. Lounge furniture and planters for lobbies at companies like Red Bull are more orders as of late. We feel that OFFECCT has something to offer for any type of space; not only for the design & quality of its acoustic sound panels and furniture, but also for the commitment to making every project outstanding.


We have offices both in California and Europe, which enables us to work closely with our clients, as well as having a superior communication with the manufacturer in Sweden.




OFFECCT believes in combining genuine Swedish craftsmanship with qualitative, innovative and sustainable design. The firm executes its beliefs in close collaboration with some of the world's most renowned designers and architects, who all share the company's passion for creative meeting places. Together they strive to create elegant and intelligent products, such as acoustic sound panels, tables, sofas, chairs, etc., incorporating Scandinavian design tradition and ecological values in the process, which are implemented in all aspects of the product development cycle.


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